Brighton Cakes


Our cakes are truly home made. Please follow these guidelines to enjoy at their best.

In the fridge

Our cakes stay fresh for a week.

In the freezer

Freeze on day of delivery. They can be stored for up to 3 months. Allow 3 hours to defrost. They are best eaten within 5 days.


Round Cakes

Use a large, very sharp knife. Push point into centre of cake and use a gentle sawing action to cut.

Square Bakes - 12 Slices

They're easier to cut cold from the fridge. Pull open the corners of the foil tray so it's flat, slide a fish slice underneath and push onto a chopping board. Cut with a large sharp knife. Refer to cutting guide in the box to remind you.

Loaves - cut into 10 slices

Remove from greaseproof wrapping, place loaf on a board. We suggest you cut at room temperature (the loaf not you!) using a sharp knife.


Most of our cakes can be stored at ambient temperature. However we use cream cheese in the frosting for 3 of our cakes - Pumpkin and Orange Cake, Bedlam Porter Chocolate Cake and Treacle Ginger Sponge - so these cakes can be displayed at ambient temperature for 4 hours only and must then be sold from a chilled display unit.


A large, sharp knife is absolutely essential.
A cake divider, which marks out the sections for you to cut is a handy tool.
Round slate platters keep cakes cool and look great.
Cake domes stop cakes drying out and are a hygienic way to display.

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