Brighton Cakes

Be Inventive!

As well as serving our cakes with a good cup of coffee they can also be served as desserts. Here are some ideas:-

Tunisian Orange Cake - delicious served with Greek yoghurt, and looks good with a sprig of mint or one or two exquisite physalis.

Chocolate Almond Cake - serve with a raspberry coulis and a light dusting of icing sugar and your customers will propose to you!

Golden Rules

Be nice to your cakes

Our cakes are truly home-made, we don't add preservatives. If frozen they can be stored for up to 3 months. Please ensure you rotate your stock and once defrosted use cakes within 4 days. Allow 3 hours to defrost.

Most of our cakes can be stored at ambient temperature. However 4 of our range can be displayed at ambient temperature for 4 hours only and must then be sold from a chilled display unit and used within 48 hours. These are Zesty Lemon, Chocolate Pistachio, Carrot Cake and Black Forest Gateau. Please refrain from ordering these last 4 if you don't have correct display facilities.

Stay sharp

A large, sharp knife is absolutely essential. A cake divider, which marks out the sections for you to cut, is very useful and can be bought from Dentons -


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