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Sticky Fingers Cakes

Sticky Fingers is a family business in Brighton which, over 25 years, has earned an unrivalled reputation for producing the finest home-made cakes and bakes. When we say home-made we really do mean ‘made at home’.

Our fantastic ingredients are supplied by Infinity Foods. A local farm brings us free-range eggs and our recyclable cake boxes are delivered from a local company.

Sticky Fingers is a small team offering a friendly personal service. We rely on your suggestions to ensure we continue to produce an incomparable range of exciting cakes. We are always looking for new ideas, so grab those recipes from friends and lovers and send them to us.

Sticky Fingers Brighton Ltd
Tel - 01273 933980
Email -
Dukes @ Komedia, 44-47 Gardner St, Brighton, BN1 1UN

VAT Registration Number 152 8334 15

Living the Dream

25 years ago I followed a dream about running my own business making cakes. It began when I was commuting to London from Brighton and would meet up with colleagues in a charming French creperie, where the chef delighted us daily with his amazing cuisine and watching him lovingly prepare the dishes made us all dream of owning such a place.

Then one night I had a dream: I was making a cake and, before it was properly cooked, I removed it from my old gas oven, walked to a nearby cafe in Brighton and sold this gooey mess to them. The next day in the creperie we had a good laugh about my dream but my colleagues thought it was a brilliant idea, and suggested I give cake-making a go.

One evening I opened my grandmother's book of recipes and began baking her favourite cakes - a carrot cake, a lemon drizzle and a coffee & walnut cake.

The following morning I took the cakes to the cafe from my dream and suggested they try them (I didn't tell them about my dream!). The cafe was buzzing with traders from a near-by market who saw my cakes and gave me ideas for other places I could sell to.

So my dream began for real, supplying an array of amazing cafes in Brighton with cakes from my home kitchen using a simple gas oven, one electric hand whisk, and a hand grater to grate carrots for our well-loved Carrot Cake.

Over the years I've worked with many amazing people, dedicated to baking wonderful cakes full of love. We worked from my home kitchen until a year ago, when we were lucky enough to be offered a kitchen at Dukes at Komedia in the North Laine area of Brighton. Although we moved the Sticky Fingers home we still prepare heavenly homemade cakes in small batches to ensure our customers can taste the quality

Today we still bake for some of the original cafes in Brighton who gave us our very first orders, but in addition we supply cakes nationwide to the Picturehouse cinema chain and tea shops in Harrogate. We ensure our recipes are carefully chosen so our cakes are happy to travel!

Our cakes have a dedicated following, and it's been known for some people to visit the cinemas for our cakes rather than the film! Over the years our satisfied customers have included some well-known people: Gregory Porter, Jo Brand, Melvyn Bragg, Stephen Thompkinson, Amanda Burton, John Hurt and Sam Riley to name a few.




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